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August 2018 – Present
Department: Planning & Design
Position: Project Planner

Alexis currently serves as Project Planner at PlaceWorks with the firm’s Planning & Design Team. She works on mobility planning, transportation infrastructure, and community outreach projects that integrate active transportation planning and multimodal strategies. Her projects include bicycle and pedestrian master plans, Complete Streets guidelines, Safe Routes to School (SRTS) initiatives, policy reports, and parking & traffic studies. Alexis draws from her experience with communityengagement, facilitation, creating GIS projects maps, developing visual communications materialsfor plans and programs, and technical writing to facilitate the implementation of projects.

Key projects include:

Active Transportation Plan and Design Guidelines – Irwindale, CA

Alexis serves as Project Planner on this current project for the City of Irwindale. She is assisting with the development of the city’s non-motorized transportation plan and design guidelines for future development within the city. The plan will address the city’s unique mining history and industrially focused land use. Additionally, the plan will provide first/last miles solutions and enhance connectivity to the Irwindale Metro Gold Line Station and San Gabriel River bike path. The project began in March 2018 and is ongoing.

Active Transportation Plan (Active LE) – Lake Elsinore, CA

Alexis serves as Outreach Coordinator & Designer and is part of a multidisciplinary team to develop the city’s first active transportation plan. Alexis currently works on the outreach component. For pop-up outreach events, she developed materials in both English/Spanish, including: flyers, surveys, and social media posts for the city’s media outlets. As the project develops, Alexis will assist with the development of the design criteria for pedestrian and bicycle wayfinding and the design guidelines components of the plan. Both the outreach and design components address the enhancement of bicycle and pedestrian amenities such as sidewalks, bikeways, multi-use trails, safe routes to school, and transit connectivity. The project is currently in progress.

Iteris, Inc.

May 2016 – July 2018
Department: Transportation Systems
Position: Marketing Coordinator & Analyst


In her role as Marketing Coordinator & Analyst, Alexis worked with various authors & engineers to provide narratives and strategies for proposal and report writing. She became adept at technical writing, tailoring content, and detailing project descriptions in accordance with strategy. To ensure the information and content was visually engaging, she utilized the Adobe Suite to develop infographics and layout design. She developed advanced rendering abilities, creating graphics using Illustrator and Photoshop to improve project and field work photos. From this unique experience she cultivated skillful capabilities designing resumes, presentations, leave behinds, and posters for a variety of pursuits and projects.

Key projects include:

Program for Arterial System Synchronization (PASS) and Regional Signal Timing Program (RSTP) – Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC), San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Alexis served as GIS Analyst on this regional program that provided technical assistance to Bay Area agencies to improve the safety and efficiency of arterial operations in the region. Alexis was responsible for the development of detailed maps that display the corridors and signal timing plans for a number of agencies through the nine-county Bay Area. The projects include the analysis, deployment and fine-tuning of optimized signal coordination plans for both weekday and weekends. Alexis’ involvement began in January 2018 and concluded July 2018.


Riverside County Transportation Commission (RCTC) Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) – Riverside County, CA

Iteris is part of a multi-firm team to develop the Riverside County LRTP 2040. As the GIS Analyst and Graphic Designer for Iteris, Alexis developed maps that detailed planned projects and infographics for the analysis. As part of the review process, Baseline and Plan 2040 project lists were reviewed and revised to ensure consistency with the latest plans. The Model will be used to evaluate multi-modal scenarios by identify the hotspots, gaps in the system and customized performance measures. Corridors are being identified for potential inclusion in the Corridor System Management Plans (CSMPs) and Integrated Corridor Management (ICM) projects. This project began July 2017 and is expected to conclude December 2018.


Transportation Improvement and Mitigation Program – Los Angeles, CA

Alexis served as Graphic Designer on this project for the City of Los Angeles. She assisted in developing graphic materials for public and community outreach meetings in both English and Spanish. The maps and infographics she developed show how traffic conditions on the local street infrastructure will be impacted by the proposed land use scenarios and roadway improvements including the addition of class I & II bike lanes. The project began in April 2016 and completed August 2017.



Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LA Metro)

January 2014 – April 2016
Department: Finance
Position: Transportation Associate I

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FTA NTD Reporting for Grants & Funding

Alexis served as Transportation Associate I for Metro’s Finance Department managing FTA National Transit Database reporting. On behalf of Metro, Alexis coordinated with over 25 municipalities in Los Angeles County to gather reports that summarize transit & paratransit services and safety data. She collected financial, service information, and transit characteristics from cities that partnered with Metro. NTD reporting is required for all projects that receive federal grants, the data is used to apportion federal funds.


Expansion of the TAP Card Network – Los Angeles County, CA

Alexis served as Transportation Associate I on this regional coordination project for LA Metro. She assisted with the development of the complex TAP card network to include 26 regional transit & municipal agencies in Los Angeles County. The project expanded the TAP network to the largest seamless fare program system in the nation. Alexis assisted with coordinating the expansion and the installation of the TAP hardware/software on the bus fleet of the various transit agencies in the program. The project completed in September 2015. Award: Metro’s 2016 Team Work Award


Farebox and Metro/TAP Call Center Training Materials

To support the TAP card network’s expansion, Alexis developed training manuals that detailed Los Angeles County’s various transit systems and operations involved in the program. She coordinated with over 25 agencies to collect the information that would assist the Call Center staff in addressing customer questions and concerns. Her proficiency and knowledge of many of Los Angeles County’s transit operators was critical in the development of training materials for Metro’s bus operators. The farebox presentations and training materials she prepared assisted operators in understanding the evolving TAP card network and technology. Alexis’ involvement in this project began in June 2014 and concluded April 2016.


LA Metro Ticket Vending Machine Redesign – Los Angeles County, CA

Alexis served as Transportation Associate I on this UX/UI project for LA Metro. She collaborated with Software Developers, ADA Specialists, contractors and designers on the technical and graphic evaluation of Ticket Vending Machines’ interface, software, and hardware. The interface was overhauled to include animations and help content to improve the customer experience. The first phase of the redesign completed in June 2015. Award: Metro’s 2016 Customer Experience Award


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